OCAI Holds an Awareness Session in ICSSR

Oversight Commission on Access to Information (OCAI) held an awareness session for the officials of Independent Commission of Civil Services and Reforms (ICSSR) on May 7, 20172 in its conference hall. The session was attended by 70 individuals including Commissioners and high ranking officials. In the beginning, Zulmai Zaheb, a commissioner of ICSSR gave his speech on the advantages and values of access to information and said: ICSSR has considered access to information issue on its all policy and manuals and is strictly committed to3 providing information to the requesters.
Then, Mr. Mohammad Ebrahim Qayoomi, OCAI’s member, shed some lights on awareness sessions conducted so far by OCAI.
Ainuddin Bahaduri, OCAI’s voice-chair made his remarks on importance and usability of access to information and stated: access to information is indeed4a an effective bridge between the government and the public through which people could ensure transparency within pubic bodies. He furthered called access to information as the most basic right of the citizens which has also been recognized and registered by the national and international laws.
At the end, Walliullah Misbah and Sayed Abdullah Afghani public outreach and capacity building specialists of OCAI delivered a comprehensive presentation covering entire articles of Access to Information Law and answered the questions raised by the attendees.5