Awareness Program Conducted in Bakhtar University

Access to information is a fundamental right of the citizens of the country and hence, Oversight Commission on Access to Information (OCAI) is tasked to hold awareness programs in the governmental and non-governmental institutions to raise their knowledge about Access to Information Law. To promote and strengthen culture of access to information among the public, OCAI held a 3-hour awareness program for the students, staff and board members of Bakhtar University on Jan 4th, 2017.  The session was attended by Fahim Dashti, OCAI’s member, OCAI staff and nearly 55 students of the aforementioned university.  
Fahim Dashti implied on lack of complaints in regard to access to information and said: states believe that information belong to them while they indeed owe information they are holding to the public and they should respond to the public’s demands as per their request. He also acknowledges that fostering culture of access to information a long term process.
Then, Mr. Latif Roshan, chancellor of Backhtar University delivered his speech by expressing his gratitude to OCAI for holding such awareness sessions and concentrated on social importance of access to information and added: right of access to information is very crucial for the public and such information is not an exclusive property of the governments, rather they hold them on behalf of the people and they should disseminate them among the public in order to promote transparency and accountability and4 to limit corruption within state institutions. Afterwards, Waliullah Mesbah, public outreach specialist of OCAI, delivered an exhaustive presentation rigorously covering the articles of Access to Information Law to the participants with a couple of live examples.
At the end, Fahim Dashti answered to the questions raised by the attendees of the session.