Commission Members

Sayed Ikram Afzali

Sayed Ikram Afzali is the Chairman of the Oversight Commission:
Sayed Ikram Afzali is the Chairman of the Oversight Commission on Access to Information. Mr. Afzali is also Executive Director of Integrity Watch Afghanistan – an Afghan NGO committed to fight corruption through community monitoring, research, and advocacy. He has worked in the area of democratic governance with a focus on civil society and anti‐corruption for more than a decade. He has been working with the civil society and media in Afghanistan since 2005.
Mr. Afzali has been a strong advocate for access to information law in Afghanistan and has played a critical role, together with his colleagues at Integrity Watch, to bring about this legislation. He has managed and overseen various projects related to policy research, good governance, and anti‐corruption with national and international organizations. He has worked as the Coordinator of the Center for Policy and Human Development, Project Specialist with UNDP, and Civil Society Manager of UNDP Accountability and Transparency Project. Mr. Afzali is completing his post-graduate studies in public administration at London School of Economic and Political Science and has done his graduate studies in political science and public administration at the American University of Afghanistan.


Mr. Ainoddin Bahadori is deputy to the Oversight Commission on Access to Information, legal adviser of Afghan Journalist committee and works as a head of secretariat in Afghanistan’s lawyers association. Afghanistan’s Lawyers association supports Journalists rights, Reforms Law, enforces Law and has activity in human rights.
Since 2008, Mr. Bahadori has been working in many national and international institutions as a lawyer and legal advisor. He intensified efforts to implement the law, access to justice and reform the law. Moreover; he has worked as a corporate donor, awareness project’s manager and legal cooperator of the international bank in the ministry of Justice. Mr. Bahadar also pursued career in INL as a legal advisor, as in charge of the youth lawyers association and legal advisor of Afghan Journalists Committee in Global Rights office.
Mr. Bahadri achieved his Bachelor’s degree in law from Albironi University and achieved his specialization in principles of law from Trivirgata university of Italy.

Mr. Bahadri achieved has Masters in Policy and Public Administration from Masachoost University Program held in Kabul University.

Noor Wali Khan NOORMr. Noor Wali Khan was born in 1356/1977, graduated from Sociology and political studies in 1381/2001 from Peshawar University, and his post-graduate degree from Italy in the field of European Union Policies and Crises Management. He has worked with WHOUNHCR and IRC in Peshawar Pakistan for five years and has worked with Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission for three years as well. He has been a diplomat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of Afghanistan since 1387/2006. He was Chief Editor of Storay Monthly Magazine (Political Publication Organ of MoFA) for three years. Afterwards, he has been in charge of Political and Economic affairs of the Embassy of Afghanistan in Italy from 1389 till 1392 (2010-2013) and was the representative of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at WFPFAO and IFAD in Rome/Italy.
It is worth mentioning that during the last fifteen years; Mr. Noor has attended different professional short and long term courses of political, economic, diplomatic, international relations, administration and management affairs while participating in the international seminars and conferences in Europe, Russian Federation, China, Turkey, Egypt, India, Iran and Central Asian Countries. During the last two decades, he has written tens of articles in field of political, economic, social and cultural issues for the press of the country. Furthermore, he has written and published five books in the field of politics, diplomacy and international relations. He was selected as secretary of Oversight Commission on Access to Information in the month of Saratan of 1394/2015.


Danish Karokhel was born in Kabul in 1976. Now Mr. Karokhel is the member of the Oversight Commission on Access to Information; being the founding director of Pajhwok Afghan News where he, for almost 13 years, has been responsible for the Agency’s vision and direction.
His career as a journalist began in 1997 when he reported for a series of newspapers published in Pakistan. He returned to his country after the fall of the Taliban to report on the war for the national and international media organizations.  He is the author of the Book titled “Professional Journalism” in Pashto and co-author of a remarkably informative book on the state of journalism in Afghanistan titled “Guide for Journalists” in Dari.
In addition to leading Pajhwok, Danish is a member of several regional leadership conferences and a regular public speaker on behalf of the Afghan media, development of journalistic capacity, national recovery and he is a human right and peace activist as well. He is the winner of the 2008 International Press Freedom Award of the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and he is the winner of the 2012 Press Freedom Whiting award from South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA). In May 3, 2014 Danish Karokhel, has been included in the first-ever list of 100 information heroes by Reporters without Borders known as RSF.

Mr. AbdAbdul Shokor DADRASul Shokoor Dadra is Mr. Mohammad Alif Khan’s son, born in 1331 in Herat Shindand district.  In 1352 he graduated from Ibnisina high school and in 1357 he achieved Bachelor’s degree from law faculty in Kabul University.
Mr. Dadras pursued career as attorney in Attorney general’s office from 1358 till 1384, he pursues career as the defense lawyer from 1384 till now. In addition, he is Assistant of Afghanistan lawyers’ association.
 In addition to his Vocational studies, Mr. Dadras also travelled to Uzbekistan for more studies from 1361 till 1362, and also he had many scientific travels to India, Pakistan and Argentina.


Mohammad Faheem Dashty/Panjshir -1972 graduated from Istiqlal High School, a French School in 1990. He enrolled Law and Political Science faculty of Kabul University in 1991.
Late Ahmad Shah Massoud, the national hero, who was also the founder of this newspaper in 1993, assigned Dashty as journalist in Kabul weekly. Kabul weekly was banned by the Mujahedeen government after publishing some critic reports written by Dashty against Mr. Rabani’s government in January 1996.
From 1996 to 2001 Dashty was press officer of resistance against Taliban under the leadership of late Ahmad Shah Massoud.
Dashty is one of the two eyewitnesses of assassination of Ahmad Shah Massoud.
Once again Dashty launched the Kabul weekly in January 2002, which was considered the first independent publication after the fall of Taliban. Kabul weekly was closed in March 2011 due to financial reasons, which were based on political decision of some business companies and advertisers of Kabul weekly that were close to president Karzai.
Currently Dashty is president of AINA Photo Agency and simultaneously he is Chief Executive of Afghanistan’s National Journalists union.

Mr. Aziz Faizy Executive Director of Afghanistan Center for Commercial Dispute Resolution (ACDR), After successful completion of elementary, secondary and high school he joined faculty of Law and Political science and got his bachelor degree in 2012 and he hold his master degree at Private law. He has worked as in charge for law and contracts coordination with Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI).
He has worked as a trainer with Welfare Association for Development of Afghanistan (WADAN) for over 14 months and has also served in different positions of Independent Election Commission and Independent Electoral Complaint Commission from 2011 to 2014.

Najiba MORAM

Ms. Najiba Moram’s biography:
Ms. Najiba Moram is a member of Oversight Commission on Access to Information. Ms. Najiba Moram is Mr. Mohammadgul Moram’s daughter which born in August 1962 in Nangarhar province. Ms. Najiba graduated from Kabul University and achieved her bachelor from Language and Literature Faculty in 1983, currently she pursues career in ministry of culture and information.
Ms. Najiba Moram achieved a diploma in Journalism from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. Ms. Najiba Moram Pursued career as assistant of Bakhtar News Agency in 2002, from 2003 till 2005 served as president of the international press center. In 2010 she served as assistant of Bakhtar News Agency, in 2011 she served as assistant of Kabul Times Newspaper and after that she served as the head of Kabul Times. From 2014 till now she serves as the head of publications and public relation in ministry of culture and information. Ms. Moram is also the head and founder of Moram Radio in Nangarhar province.


Hawa Alam Nooristani:
Hawa Alam Nooristani was selected by the president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as member of High Peace Council.
She was previously Member of National Assembly (congress) later on she became vice chairman for international relation commission in Parliament (Congress).
Hawa Nooristani was Educated in Allahi Ningarhar High School and Ningarhar Journalism Faculty, before studying law (LLB) at Kabul University. Before working with Ministry of woman’s affairs as media director, she was one of the correspondents of Ministry of Borders and Tribal affairs for cultural and tribal issues.
Hawa Alam Nooristani has been politically active since her School days.  Before setting up her own NGO for welfare of women and youths, She was working secretly for women and children in different international organizations such as UNHABITAT, CARE org, Safe the Children, WFP, WHO… during Taliban regime.
Hawa Nooristani is a leading voice on faith, racial justice, human rights, integration, peace, and social cohesion.
Since 2005 in different national and international conferences, she has given speeches at ministerial level regarding woman issue, human right, foreign affairs, such as Kazakestan conference, Loya Jerga…
Hawa Alam Nooristani has been involved in voluntary, charitable and community work all her life and pioneered the Peace Jerga’s Social Action Agenda.
Hawa Alam Nooristan is a media personality as well since School days she has been a presenter for governmental Radio and TV.

Hamed Fazli

Sultan Ahmad Fazli representative of Afghanistan from NDS (National Directorate of Security)




Mohammad Qayum Ebrahimi son of Abdul Razaq Ebrahimi is from Parwan province – Surkh Parsa district of Turkman Valley. He has completed his primary school in Kabul and got his Baccalaureate from Peshawar. He got his BA in the fields of Economics, Political Science and Public Administration from Nizam College of Osmania University; later on Mr. Ebrahimi got his Post Graduate Diploma (Masters) in Business Administration from England.
In addition to; Mr. Ebrahimi has many Diplomas and Certificates in various areas as; in Human Relations and Personality Development, Quantitative Methods in Economics, Computer hardware and Software, Certificate in English Language, besides all these, he has over ten National and International Appreciation Letters as well.
Ebrahimi is now the member of the Oversight Commission on Access to Information and being the General Director to the AYVO, Director to NTSA, member of the CSHRN and Chief Editor to the Dar-e-Turkman Youth Council Magazine.
Ebrahimi was the English News-Caster to Jawan Global TV Network, Program Manager to Hambastagi Foundation, where he was a teacher to the English Language and Computer Programs for over five years. Ebrahimi as a vice-president to the UOMC has guided and helped the Afghan students to India and England for pursuing higher educations; after all, Ebrahimi has worked in different companies with the American Engineers for the reconstruction of Afghanistan where he was appreciated by. Mr. Ebrahimi has had academic and non-academic tours/travels to different countries such as Pakistan, Iran, United Arab Emirates, India and England where now he has the good knowledge and experiences to utilize them for the betterment of his country.