Conference’s Declaration on Promoting and Strengthening Culture of Access to Information


We the representatives of civil society, political parties, public media, legal and judiciary entities, governmental administrations, the upper and lower houses of the parliament and the members of Oversight Commission on Access to Information, OCAI who participated in a comprehensive and history making summit under the name of “Conference of Promoting and Strengthening Culture of Access to Information” on May 15th 2016, declare the followings after hearing the commissionaires’ speeches and wide discussion over the aims of right on access to information, duties and responsibilities of the commission and governmental organizations, insurance of such fundamental right of Afghan citizens and the procedure according to the law of right on access to information with respect of political and civil law conventions and based on Article (50), paragraph (3) of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s constitution.

1 – According to the paragraph (3) of Article (50) of constitution of Afghanistan, having access to information is considered as a fundamental right of Afghan citizens and the government is accountable for giving the information on its prompt time, as clarified by the law.

2 – Based on the law of access to information, every Afghan shall contact the information providing source of the governmental administrations and ask for the information needed.

3 – All governmental public information provision sources are responsible based on the law to direct the requesters of information and make sure they get the information they require.

4 – Governmental organizations that have not specified any PIOs (public information officers), shall soon do so by giving details about its staff with their precise addresses to the commission and spread it through media to the public.

5 –All of governmental administrations shall observe their responsibilities according to the law of access to information and cooperate with the Oversight Commission on Access to Information.

6 – We respectfully request from all relevant related governmental entities to legally and officially assist the commission on its both financial and technical affairs.

7 – We kindly request the government of Afghanistan to consider the suggestions of the oversight commission on access to information regarding the flaws of law of access to information and legalize it as soon as possible, plus bringing those suggestions to fill lawful gaps.

8 – We kindly request from civil society and public media to cooperate with us in promoting and Strengthening the culture of access to information among the people of Afghanistan.

9 – We are truly grateful to all those local and international organizations that have contributed and assisted in the technical and financial affairs of the commission and would also kindly urge them to continue their assistance with the commission on practical application of the access to information law.

Hereby, we give our full and firm commitment to the respected people of Afghanistan that we would put our best efforts and endeavors into actions to insure the right of access to information.


Oversight Commission on Access to Information

Kabul, Afghanistan

May 15 2016