Holding Awareness Session in the General Directorate of Physical Education & Sport

Oversight Commission on Access to Information (OCAI) recently has tried to cover the sport institutions and thus, it held an awareness session on Access to Information Law in the main hall of General Directorate of Physical Education & Sport (GDPES) on April 9, 2017.
Prior to the session, OCAI’s commissioners, Mr Ata Mohammad Yari and Beheshtah Safi met with Dr Mirwais Bahawi, Deputy of Technical and Vocational of the aforementioned institution in his office to raise the issue of lack of a particular office for Public Information Officer (PIO) as well as technical and administrative facilitates to be provided for them and urged the deputy of technical and vocational, Mr. Bahawai to take this into his consideration.  In response, the aforesaid deputy hailed OCAI’s urge and pledged to obey and implement what has been instructed in accordance with Access to Information Law in the near future.DSC_3575
After the evaluation meeting, the awareness session was commenced in which nearly 80 individuals including the heads of various departments and other staff attended. The attendees received training on Access to Information Law as well as the practical mechanism to provide information to the public upon their request from state institutions.
In the beginning, Mr. Bahawi, made his opening remarks and highlighted that: GDPES named 2016 as the year of fighting against corruption and also is determined to take further measures to improve the sport in the country, and to eliminate some misconception and misunderstanding caused by incomplete or false information through updated, prompt and authentic information.
Then, Mr. Ata Mohammad Yari, OCAI’s commissioner, gave his speech and emphasized that: Indeed, every activity needs resources of technical, financial, personnel and information and indeed information sources will determine whether an entity is preforming its duties and obligations well or not.  Merg photos
At the end, Sayed Abudllah Afghani, Capacity Building Specialist, and Mohammad Sameem Habibi, Public Outreach Officer of OCAI delivered a comprehensive presentation explaining articles of Access to Information Law (ATI Law) with a couple of live examples of leading countries on access information as well as covering the questions raised by the attendees.Untitled-1