Awareness Program for Managers of Civil-Society Institutions of the Provinces


On Nov 2, 2016, Public Outreach Unit of Oversight Commission on Access to Information organized an awareness training under the name of “Promoting and Strengthening Culture of Access to Information” to the participants of (Community Participatory Learning and Action, Good Governance and Peace Building) workshop launched by Counterpart for 32 civil society members from 13 provinces of the country.

Waliuallh Misbah, public outreach specialist of the commission presented the following via a comprehensive presentation and answered to the questioned raised by the participants:

  • Definition and significance of access to information
  • Introduction, tasks and authorities of OCAI
  • Introduction and aims of Access to Information Law
  • Terminologies utilized on Access to Information Law
  • Legal framework on ensuring right of access to information
  • How to promote culture of access to information,
  • Why access to information matters and its critical significance,
  • Process of demand and provision of information,
  • Duties and responsibilities of the PIO’s towards the requesters of information
  • Request to information form
  • Role of OCAI on effective and practical implementation of law of access to information,
  • Status quo of access to information in Afghanistan,
  • Demand, cost and legal timeline of giving information
  • Prohibitions or exceptions
  • Pursuing requester’s complaints against public body violations by the commissiondsc_9536

It’s important to mention that the participants appreciated the training and called access to information right to the interest of public, they also demanded the commission to expand such programs on the provincial levels so that the residents of the provinces also know and exercise their right for better accountability and transparency purposes.