Holding Educational Session in NAI

Oversight Commission on Access to Information (OCAI) held an educational session on Access to Information Law, Commission and status quo of access to information to the governmental officials, mass media journalists and civil society activists in the main office of NAI – Supporting Open Media in Afghanistan (Dated: 21/02/2017). The session was attended by 20 both males and females who are mostly involved in mass media activities and received training on Access to Information Law, right of access to information and engagements of OCAI in regard.1
Sayed Abdullah Afghani, elaborated the legal framework of access to information law and said: Access to Information Law has been recognized and registered in the national and international laws and Afghan government under President Ghani’s administration rectified and signed such law in 2003 to effectively promote culture of access to information and limit corruption within state institutions.
Then, Mr. Walilullah Misbah delivered his speech on demand of information from state2 organizations via a certain mechanism to promote such culture and requested the participants to exercise their right of access to information in order to bring transparency and limit corruption within public bodies.
At the end, there were some questions concerning the challenges and hurdles regarding access to information process which were well covered by OCAI’s aforementioned specialists.