OCAI Holds Awareness Session in the Ministry of Public Health

Following the former awareness sessions, Oversight Commission on Access to Information (OCAI) held an awareness session (dated: 26/04/2017) in the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) of I.R.A.
The main purpose of holding this session was to further promote culture of access to information in which approximately 50 individuals including Admin and Finance Deputy Minister as well as other high ranking officials from various departments actively participated.DSC_3908
Dr. Qamaruddin Hafez, Admin & Finance Deputy Minister of MoPH made his opening remarks pointing out the importance of information on medical fields and underlined that: except of a few cases (incurable diseases), there is no confidential data in the MoPH. Therefore, MoPH is strongly committed to providing information to the public upon their request.DSC_3925
Then, Mr. Ainuddin Bahaduri, vice-chair of OCAI, gave his exhaustive speech on importance of access to information from variety of different dimensions as he mentioned some live examples from leading countries in this regard. Right of access to information has long been under consideration of many countries and due to its significance, it has been registered on national and international laws. It’s also considered as one of the prominent tools to fight corruption and to brDSC_3973ing accountability and transparency within public bodies.
At the end, Mr. Walillah Misbah and Sameem Habibi, public outreach specialists of OCAI, delivered a comprehensive presentation covering the entire articles of Access to Information Law, practical mechanism of access to information as well as the questions raised by the attendees.DSC_3959