OCAI Organizes Observation Meeting in the Ministry of Education

On February 26, 2017, two members of Oversight Commission on Access to Information (OCAI), Mr. Abdul Shokoor Dadras and Ata Mohmmad Yari met with the acing minister of Ministry of Education, Mr. Mohammad Shafiq Samim in his main office to discuss Access to Information Law and role of state institutions along with OCAI in this regard. In the beginning, Mr. Dadras, shed some light on the responsibilities as instructed by Access to Information (ATI) Law and urged the aforementioned ministry’s board management to obey the law and perform their duties and responsibilities accordingly. He further added that based on ATI Law, all state institutions shall establish a separate office for public information officers (PIOs) with a certain formation to provide information requested by public within the time frame as stipulated by the mentioned law.
After that, the acting minister, Mr. Shafiq Samim welcomed OCAI’s initiative and endeavors in regard and pledged to abide as instructed by the law as soon as possible and establish a separate office for PIOs to ease and regulate the process of access to information within the aforesaid ministry. In the meantime, he vowed to cooperate with OCAI under the light of ATI law to hasten promoting culture of access to information among public.
It is to note that OCAI plans to hold more of such observation meetings with high ranking authorities of state institutions in order to urge them to establish separate offices with certain formations for PIOs; so that the public could easily refer to and obtain information they demand for.