Publication of Annual Report and Status Quo of ATI within Public Bodies

Oversight Commission on Access to Information (OCAI) shared its annual report of 2016 as well as its findings on status of access to information (ATI) within public bodies as a result of constantly close observance, with mass media in a press conference  held in GMIC (dated: May 22, 2017). Along with chairman of OCAI, Sayed Ikram Afzali, Mr. Aanuddin Bahdarui, the voice-chair, Mr. Ata Yari, OCAI’s member, OCAI staff as well as a substantial number of mass media journalists participated in this conference.
In the beginning,  Mr. Afzali delivered his comprehensive speech on the main activities of 2OCAI as he also talked on the current status of access to information and added: OCAI, in spite of limited financial and human resources, could successfully achieved considerable accomplishments on realizing access to information right across the country. Over the year of 2016, OCAI has conducted nearly 60 workshops, awareness raising programs, building capacities, national and press conferences training around 2606 individuals (1876 males and 730 females). He also 3implied on the hurdles and challenges of access to information within public bodies and stated: majority of the public bodies do not believe in ATI right, rather they stick to exception and confidentiality of information while OCAI consistently tries to fight such culture of secrecy unless stipulated otherwise in the Access to Information Law and promote culture of access to information within government institutions.
At the end, Mr. Afzali answered to the questions raised by the attendees as he had some individual interviews with mass media journalists as well.4