Universal Right of Access to Information Conference


Information is the property of the citizens of Afghanistan, and the government is the manager and protector of the information: Dr. Abdullah Abdullah   Chief Executive Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, stated this at the universal right on access to information conference, which was held on 25th October at GMIC.

The program was jointly launched by the oversight commission on access to information and the UNESCO Office, in which a large number of senior government officials, representatives of United Nations offices, representatives of diplomatic offices, members of civil society, media activists, women’s rights activists, journalists and a large number of compatriots participate.DSC_6870

Hawa Alam Nooristani, chairperson of the oversight commission on access to information made clearly sighted the past 2 years’ activities of OCAI, adding that: The oversight commission on access to information in order to better perform its tasks, requires the Government’s serious attention to the commission Specially in the budget section and independence of the commission.

Dr. AbdullahDSC_6946 Abdullah emphasized in his opening remarks on the government’s serious support for better access to information for the people and the media, saying that: We support the establishment of centers in the provinces to address access to information problems and provide funding to these centers and we will continue to assist the Commission in the adjustment of ATI Law.

Then the Chief of UNESCO, the representative of UNAMA, the representative of the Embassy of Holland, officials from the Ministry of Information and Culture, members of the commission, media representatives and civil society activists, shared their views, suggestions and censure with the participants related to ATI.  each of them expressed readiness to cooperate with OCAI to male access to information a reality.All speakers

 In the last session the questions of participants answered by OCAI members and the conference finished w ith music performance by the musician of National Music Institute.DSC_7052