Holding Educational Workshop on Exceptions and Addressing Complaints

Oversight Commission on Access to Information (OCAI) in collaboration with Internews organized an educational workshop under the name of “Addressing Complaints and Clarification of Exceptions” on May 13, 2017.
Along with the chairman, the members and staff of OCAI as well as the Executive Director of the Center for Law and Democracy, Mr. Toby Mendel, participated in this workshop which was held for one day in the conference hall of Internews.
The participants shared their opinions and information based on their national and international experiences and discussed on different methods of overseeing  complaints and vivid definition of exceptions in the Law of Access to Information.
Mr. Toby, the Executive Director of Center for Law and Democracy, with substantial international experiences on access to information delivered a comprehensive presentation on numerous methods of addressing the complaints and further clarification of exceptions in the law as well as international criteria of access to information for the attendees. He also covered the questions posed by the participants.

At the end, a group work on real cases of access to information was conducted among the participants.2 in 1